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Fox News Priest Defends God's Plan To Kill Infant With Hurricane

On a Fox News segment covering the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, and in particular, the deaths of more than 30 people, the question was asked, "Where is God in a hurricane?"

Father John Morris, a Fox News religion contributor, spoke about the hopelessness religious people may feel during horrible situations like the hurricane.

He tried to offer advice? I guess? If you ask me, he did a pretty poor job of it. But then again, I went to the trouble of studying the last 2,000+ years of progress we have made in science and philosophy.

He said that a hurricane “is a time in which we can become better people and focus on our relationship with God and our purpose for existing or else we can become bitter and we can just lose all hope.”

Then Morris was specifically asked about this story regarding a mother and her baby who were killed when the hurricane toppled a tree onto their home. The story drew a lot of attention when photos of firefighters praying for the dead mother and child were shared on social media and in the news. After being asked about this story, Morris, if you ask me, really started to go off the rails.

Morris said, "Look at those firefighters, tough guys, who are absolutely helpless in a situation that they're looking at right now."

"I believe there is meaning, I believe there is life after death, I believe there is salvation, redemption, offered to us if we accept that," he somewhat awkwardly continued. "And of course, innocent... innocent life like this, a child, we can have great confidence that God will have great mercy, that there is life after death."


So, God's plan was to kill this little baby and her mother. And that PROVES there is life after death, because that is why God killed them with this storm.

Uhhh... what?

This cornucopia of special pleading and begging the question would be laughable if it was not so prevalent among so many religious people today. I continue to get hate-mail/angry comments from people who try to come at me with what they think are great arguments, but are just riddled with logical fallacies like this.

Terrible things can happen to people who we would otherwise think do not deserve it. That is the natural world we live in. There is no divine providence, no ordained fate, no holy decree, and the sooner we can come to terms with that, the better. The only thing we can do to make the world a better place is to come together, with one another, and strive for a better life for everyone.

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