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New Charges In FGM Case Against Michigan Doctor

New charges have been brought against a Michigan doctor who has been charged by federal prosecutors with female genital mutilation.

Three new victims have been identified. Prosecutors believe that the doctor, Jumana Nagarwala, mutilated the genitals of at least 100 girls over a 12-year period. The total number of victims who suffered from this operation is believed to be much more, given that Nagarwala was not acting alone.

Yes, this involves more than just Nagarwala, although she has certainly been the focus of the investigation. But there are several other defendants who are also involved in the allegations of genital mutilation against young girls, including the parents of some of the girls.

This case is the first to be brought to court under a 1996 federal statute that criminalizes performing female genital mutilation. It took us 22 years to actually get to carrying out what was passed as law. As stated previously, Nargawala is suspected to have mutilated the genitals of, at the very least, 100 girls in just 12 years. How many more girls could have suffered in the 22 years since the law was adopted?

Charges were initially brought up against Nagarwala in April, 2017. The trial against her is scheduled to begin in January, although legal experts suspect that the addition of new charges may delay proceedings.

Nagarwala has tried to justify her actions, and refute the criminal allegations, by saying that she merely performed a religious custom for fellow members of her particular Muslim sect. She belongs to the India-based Dawoodi Bohra sect of Shia Islam.

As I cover the many horrors inflicted on children by, for example, the Catholic Church, it is worth reminding ourselves of the brutal actions carried out by other religions, like Islam.

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