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Woman Raped By Mormon Leader Confronts His Church Congregation

On Monday of last week, I covered several stories regarding the Mormon Church and their cover-up of several sex abuse scandals and other crimes within the church.

One of those stories was that of McKenna Denson. Denson claims that Joseph L. Bishop raped her in 1984, when he led a missionary training center.

A judge recently dismissed Denson's claims against Bishop, citing the statute of limitations. The judge ruled that her fraud claim against the LDS Church could proceed, however, since she had reported Bishop's actions to church leaders and nothing was done.

The story has taken another turn, as Denson showed up to Bishop's current church in Arizona this past Sunday. In this video, also embedded above, posted to YouTube on Monday, Denson speaks before Bishop's congregation about his predatory behavior. Two men attempt to usher her away from the microphone. Despite the two men grabbing and pushing her at various times, she refuses to leave until she speaks her peace.

Denson calls on the church to hold men like Bishop accountable for their actions. She also calls out the two men who tried to get her away from the microphone for the way they grab her at certain points. At around the 1:23 mark Denson actually says, "Call the police," because of the way the two men begin harassing her.

Denson walked up to the microphone to speak during the church's Fast and Testimony Meeting, which is typically held on the first Sunday of the month. During these meetings, congregants are encouraged to approach the podium and share their testimony with the rest of the congregation.

Denson's testimony included her revelation to the audience, "The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are covering a sexual predator that lives in your ward. His name is Joseph Bishop. He was the MTC president in 1984 when he raped me in the basement of the MTC."

In the description of the video is a link to this site for a documentary film titled "The Hushed Ones" which covers stories of sexual abuse covered-up by the LDS Church, focusing on Denson's story in particular. The documentary will also highlight the work done by Protect LDS Children, which I also covered in last week's story.

The documentary film has a Kickstarter page if you would like to donate. You can find that page here.

I hope that the work that Denson, the makers of the documentary film, and those at Protect LDS Children are doing is able to successfully hold the Mormon Church more accountable. The church has tenaciously resisted their efforts so far, but by bringing attention to these issues, by making the public aware of what is happening and what the church leaders are doing to silence victims, we can fight back against the church's corruption.

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