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Police Investigating Sex Abuse Allegations At D.C. Jewish Preschool

Police in Washington D.C. are investigating allegations of sexual abuse at a Jewish preschool.

The Washington Hebrew Congregation sent out a letter to their community earlier this month stating that one of the staff at their early-childhood education center had been placed on leave due to allegations that the staff member "may have engaged in inappropriate conduct involving one or more children.”

The Washington Post reported that a D.C. police report stated that the abuse occurred between September 2017 and this month.

The letter sent out by the WHC included the following: “These allegations and the necessary investigations are painful for everyone, but as a sacred community and congregation we seek to provide support to all as we face these challenges. We seek both justice and compassion as our tradition demands.”

In light of these allegations, staff at the preschool said they would hire more staff members. Additionally, children at the school will be accompanied by at least two teachers at all times.

Monday's post about abuse in the Mormon Church, and my ongoing coverage of the Catholic Church's abuse scandals only cover a small amount of the misery being forced upon children by those who think they have God on their side. These are how God's representatives on Earth conduct themselves with children.

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