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Couple Charged With Murder For Not Seeking Help For Their Infant Daughter Because Of Faith

Last week Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari were charged with felony murder and first-degree child abuse. Court records show that their nearly 10-month-old daughter, Mary, was found dead in her crib from starvation. Welch and Fusari refused to seek out medical attention for their daughter because of their religious beliefs.

On Thursday, August 2nd, the two were taken into custody following the death of their daughter. The Michigan couple's other children were removed and placed with their grandparents.

Welch posted on his Facebook page the evening August 2nd, in which he lamented his daughter's death and was sarcastically grateful for the "loving embrace" of his isolation cell.

Also worth noting on Welch's Facebook page is a LOT of religious material. Just check out his intro which says, "Jesus Christ said : 'I AM THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life', We MUST worship in Spirit and in Truth."

In a Facebook video, Welch criticized the healthcare industry by saying, "I’m not opposed to medicine or doctors. I’m opposed to bad medicine and doctors that are just, well, aren’t really doctors — they’re priesthoods of the medical cult. They have a certificate from some training camp somewhere that says they got this test score, but that doesn’t mean they know about the human body and stuff like that."

The medical examiner ruled the infant's death a homicide, and the autopsy revealed that malnutrition and dehydration were the cause of death. They are currently being held without bond and are due to appear in court again on August 20th.

That religion can so warp a person's mind that they willingly endanger or even kill their child is among its more insidious aspects. Too often we hear or read stories about parents abusing or allowing their children to die because of their religious faith. These kinds of tragedies alone are enough of a reason for me to continually speak out against faith.

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