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Faith-Healing Parents Plead Guilty To Killing Their Infant Daughter

In March 2017, I wrote about Travis Lee and Sarah Elaine Mitchell, who allowed one of their newborn twins to die on March 5th, 2017.

The couple belong to the Followers of Christ Church, and their twin girls were born prematurely. One of the girls, Ginnifer, died after she developed breathing problems shortly after birth. Her parents and the midwives present all refused to call for emergency help.

On Monday of this week, Travis and Sarah Mitchell pleaded guilty to negligent homicide and criminal mistreatment.

In the last nine years, this case makes the fifth in which a child has died due to this particular church community. Unlike the other cases, the Mitchell's made a statement via their lawyer which read, "everyone in the church should always seek adequate medical care for our children."

Senior Deputy District Attorney Bryan Brock said, "These are senseless and avoidable deaths, and we keep asking ourselves what will it take to convince others in the church to get the right medical care for their children."

When Ginnifer died, a church elder finally called paramedics and it was only then that they discovered her twin sister also needed medical attention. Her sister, now 16 months old, has visitations with her jail-bird parents.

Interestingly, the Clackamas County News reported on the fact that the couple "sought regular veterinary care, including wellness checks, medications and vaccinations, for their dog and cat." They did that while at the same time Sarah Mitchell received absolutely no prenatal care and took no prenatal supplements.

While I had similar sentiments to share last time, I cannot help but think about how horrifically misguided these parents are due to their religion. Their religion has so warped their minds that they are perfectly content to watch their children die, painfully and slowly. They watched Ginnifer die gasping for air, unable to breathe.

This is the kind of needless horror that religion unleashes on the world.

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