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Collection: The Catholic Church And Sexual Abuse

This collection gathers all the posts I have written about the Catholic Church's ongoing sexual abuse scandals. It will continue to be updated with new posts as they are written.

March 1st, 2017: Pope Francis Continues the Disgusting Church Tradition of Protecting Pedophiles

May 6th, 2017: Catholic Priest's Body Exhumed For DNA Sample In Investigation Of Murder Of A Nun

May 10th, 2017: Nun Arrested For Helping Priests Rape Dozens Of Deaf Children

August 29th, 2017: The Archbishop of Melbourne Refuses To Protect Children From Sexual Abuse Revealed In Confession

September 19th, 2017: Vatican Diplomat Accused In Child Pornography Case Recalled To Rome

October 27th, 2017: Reports Of Sexual Abuse Committed By Catholic Clergy In Argentina Are Spiking

December 20th, 2017: Cardinal Bernard Law, Who Protected Priests Accused Of Sexual Assault, Dead At 86

January 26th, 2018: Pope Francis Apologizes After Accusing Sex Abuse Victims Of Slander

February 9th, 2018: Chilean Victim Of Priest's Abuse Will Testify To Vatican "Sex-Crimes Expert"

May 2nd, 2018: Cardinal Pell Will Stand Trial On Sexual Assault Charges

June 1st, 2018: Archdiocese Of St. Paul And Minneapolis Will Pay $210M To Abuse Survivors

June 22nd, 2018: Cardinal McCarrick Removed From Ministry Following Sexual Abuse Allegations

June 26th, 2018: Vatican Diplomat Sentenced To 5 Years For Possessing Child Porn

July 31st, 2018: PA Supreme Court Approves Release Of 900-Page Report Documenting Clergy Sex Abuse

August 15th, 2018: More Than 300 Priests Named In Massive Report Covering Abuse Over 70 Years

August 20th, 2018: Pope Francis Releases Letter About Church Abuse Scandal In PA

September 10th, 2018: NY Attorney General Subpoenas All Catholic Dioceses In State Of NY

September 12th, 2018: Pope Will Meet With US Catholic Leaders To Discuss Abuse Scandal

September 14th, 2018: Catholic Church This Week: German Priests Abused 3,700 Kids, Pope Met With US Church Leaders, WV Priest Resigns

September 21st, 2018: Victims Of Pennsylvania Priests File Class Action Lawsuit

September 28th, 2018: Pope Francis Thinks It Is Unfair To Hold The Church To Modern Standards

October 9th, 2018: Pope Francis Blames The Devil For The Church's Abuse Scandals

October 19th, 2018: Justice Department Begins Investigation Into PA Church Sex Abuse

October 22nd, 2018: 31 Clergy Members Who Abused Minors Over Last 70 Years Named By Washington Archdiocese

October 26th, 2018: Two French Priests Commit Suicide Within A Month Over Sex Abuse Allegations

November 13th, 2018: Catholic Church In Guam Is Filing For Bankruptcy Amid Multitude Of Sex Abuse Cases

November 16th, 2018: Vatican Cancels Vote At US Conference Of Bishops On Measures For Addressing Abuse Crisis

December 14th, 2018: Cardinal George Pell Guilty In Sex Abuse Case, Highest Ranking Vatican Official Convicted

December 20th, 2018: Illinois Attorney General Accuses Catholic Church Of Hiding Scope Of Abuse

December 28th, 2018: Former Priest Sentenced to 25 Years For Child Porn Calls Himself 'Sick Puppy'

December 29th, 2018: Cardinal Wuerl Leads Christmas Mass Despite Resigning in Disgrace

January 8th, 2019: Opus Dei, Catholic Organization, Paid Nearly $1M In Sexual Assault Settlement

February 1st, 2019: Priest Investigating Sexual Abuse Resigns After Being Accused of Sexual Abuse

February 8th, 2019: Pope Francis Admits To Reporters That Priests Sexually Abuse Nuns

February 17th, 2019: Former Cardinal McCarrick 'Defrocked' By Vatican Over Sex Abuse Allegations

February 22nd, 2019: Pope Opens Vatican Summit With Demand For 'Concrete' Measures To Handle Clerical Sex Abuse

February 26th, 2019: New Details In Conviction Of Cardinal George Pell On Sex Abuse Charges

March 8th, 2019: NY Archdioceses Could Go Bankrupt As More Abuse Lawsuits Pile Up

March 13th, 2019: Cardinal George Pell Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For Sexually Abusing Two Boys

March 20th, 2019: Pope Rejects Resignation Of French Cardinal Found Guilty Of Covering Up Sexual Abuse

March 29th, 2019: Vatican: Pope Issues New Rules On Reporting Abuse While Women's Magazine Staff Quit Over Nun Abuse

April 12th, 2019: Ex-Pope Benedict Writes Insane Letter Blaming Hippies For Clergy Abuse

May 2nd, 2019: More Priests Named As Abusers in New York And Baltimore Archdioceses

May 13th, 2019: Pope Issues Law Requiring Clergy To Report Abuse To Church Superiors... But NOT Police

May 29th, 2019: Private Letters Highlight Vatican's Neglect In Enforcing Restrictions On Cardinal McCarrick

June 3rd, 2019: RI Bishop Posts Ridiculous Hateful Tweet About Pride Month

July 1st, 2019: Pope Francis Advises Against 'Quick Fixes' In Letter To German Clergy Addressing Sex Abuse Crisis

July 3rd, 2019: New Details Regarding Former WV Bishop Who Resigned In Disgrace

July 12th, 2019: CA Lawmaker Withdraws Bill Requiring Priests To Report Child Abuse To Police After Church Opposition

July 17th, 2019: Catholic Order Operating Several Schools In U.S. Releases List Of Dozens Of Members Accused Of Abusing Children

August 5th, 2019: This Catholic Nonprofit Protects And Supports Priests Accused Of Abuse

August 7th, 2019: Australian Artist Paints Mural Of Shackled Cardinal George Pell Near Vatican

August 16th, 2019: 'The Day Of Reckoning Has Come': 1-Year Window Begins In NY For Childhood Victims To Sue Abusive Clergy

August 21st, 2019: Cardinal George Pell Loses Appeal, Court Upholds Sexual Assault Conviction

September 6th, 2019: Disgraced Cardinal McCarrick Speaks Publicly For First Time Since Being Defrocked, Maintains His Innocence

September 30th, 2019: Victims Of Clerical Abuse Struggle As Rochester Diocese Declares Bankruptcy

October 25th, 2019: Colorado: New Report Details Catholic Priests Sexually Abused At Least 166 Children Over 70 Years

December 2nd, 2019: Two Priests In Argentina Get More Than 40 Years In Prison For Abusing Deaf Children

December 11th, 2019: Lawsuits, Resignations, And More: The Catholic Church And The Latest News On The Abuse Scandal

December 19th, 2019: Pope Francis Removes 'Pontifical Secrecy' From Sexual Abuse Cases

December 31st, 2019: An Abusive Priest In France Was Killed When A Crucifix Was Rammed Down His Throat By A 19-Year-Old Victim

April 7th, 2020: Cardinal Pell Free After Australia's High Court Overturns Sexual Abuse Conviction

May 5th, 2020: New Orleans Archdiocese Files For Bankruptcy Due To Sex Abuse Cases

September 9th, 2020: A Minnesota Church Was Preparing To Install A New Bishop, Then He Was Accused Of Abuse

This collection was last updated on September 9th, 2020.


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