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Christian Couple Lose Custody Of Child After Claiming Their Lawyer Is Jesus Christ

A couple from British Columbia, Canada have lost custody of their daughter after claiming that Jesus Christ was representing them in court as their lawyer... through a stuffed lion.

The child, who was born in November, 2016, has been placed in continuing care. The parents have appealed the court's decision, but reading the details of the case I cannot see it going any other way.

The couple (they are unnamed in the press to protect the identity of their daughter) met in 2014. They were both raised in Christian households but then drifted away from the faith while still young before re-embracing it as adults. They both happened to be in the middle of this re-embracing of faith when they met. From what it says in the reports, it seems they fell down the rabbit hole of fundamentalist Christian insanity. They were married in a small, private ceremony in 2015.

The couple took on such extreme Christian views that they have been expelled from multiple churches. They were repeatedly banned after trying to purge the churches of evil influences, according to court records.

The couple refused any legal assistance in the case and told the court that Jesus Christ was their lawyer, witness, and judge. They carried a stuffed lion in the courtroom, which they spoke to in tongues (a.k.a. gibberish) and they claimed the lion was transmitting the word of God to them.

When the mother was pregnant she visited a social worker and told her that her husband sometimes choked her to make her stop crying. She also claimed that her husband once tied her hands and covered her mouth with tape, and occasionally beat her. She also told the social worker that her husband grew up in a cult and believes that adults should be able to have sexual relations with children.

That... really should have been a big red flag.

The mother refused any post-natal care for her daughter. No vaccinations, no Vitamin K shot, no eye drops, no blood testing. The mother, and this is pretty wild, applied to have her own name changed to Risen Lord Jesus Refinersfire Christ-(her real name). She also applied to have her daughter's name changed to Jesus JoyoftheLord. Yikes. Thankfully those name changes did not happen.

A month after the girl's birth she was removed from the home, due to all this insanity.

The couple claimed that the court's decision infringed on their religious freedom as Christian parents, but the court pointed to evidence of domestic violence, the ignoring of health care recommendations, the mother's mental health, and the isolation that the parents had created as the reasons for their decision.

I hope that the child will be placed with a safe, loving family far away from her lunatic biological parents. What these two adults would subject their daughter to is tantamount to child abuse and the government stepping in has saved this young girl from a potentially terrible situation.

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