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Televangelist Wants Another $50M From His Followers For Another Plane

When many Christians think of Jesus's Second Coming, they might picture something like what is described in the Book of Revelation 19:11-16. In that passage of the Bible, Jesus is described as a warrior king, riding a white horse and leading the the armies of heaven in the war against evil.

But if you are televangelist Jesse Duplantis, then apparently you believe that Jesus would "be on an airplane preaching the gospel all over the world."

And not just any airplane! No, Duplantis is convinced that Jesus would settle for no less than the Falcon 7X, a state-of-the-art private aircraft featuring a Bluetooth-enabled entertainment center and noise-limiting acoustic technology.

Right... that is what a humble 1st century carpenter would choose.

Since Jesus has yet to make an appearance, Duplantis wants the jet for himself. And he wants his followers to pay the $54 million he needs for it. The saddest part? It will probably work. Duplantis has done this three times before.

Yes, three jets are not enough, he needs a fourth. I guess the other three must not have Bluetooth.

In a video released on May 21st, Duplantis makes the case for his followers to foot the bill for this newest addition to his growing fleet. The key to his argument was that with this plane he'd be able to fly anywhere in the world without having to make any additional stops to refuel. That and flying on this plane is what God wants, I guess...

Duplantis is a preacher of what is called "the prosperity gospel" which takes the already terrible ideas to be found in Christianity and cranks them up a few notches. Preachers of the prosperity gospel tell their followers that God rewards the faithful with material wealth. And what is the fastest way to show how faithful you are? Well, give your money to God's preachers, of course. So this results in desperate, poor people giving money they cannot afford to charlatans who want to buy Bluetooth-enabled jets.

Kenneth Copleland, Joel Osteen, Jesse Duplantis and all those like them are all members of the same rotten club. They are hucksters who swindle people out of money to support their exorbitant lives; lives that look nothing like what the Jesus in the Bible would have supported.


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