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Louisiana Senate Passes Bill Opening Up Class Time In Schools For Prayer

The Louisiana Senate has approved a measure that would allow public school teachers and other staff to pray with students during class.

The bill passed through the Senate with a 29-0 vote on Thursday after it was proposed by Republican Senator Ryan Gatti. A Republican proposed this?! Shocking!

The bill has now moved on to the House for approval. While I hope it dies there, this is Louisiana we are talking about, so we will have to wait and see. It is worth noting that a study published in January found that Louisiana was the third least educated state in the country (West Virginia and Mississippi were the two states that scored lower on education scoring).

So this is how lawmakers are addressing the problems of education in Louisiana, by spending their time and taxpayer money working on bills that will let teachers waste class time praying with students. Working on measures that would actually improve the quality of education at schools in their state is not worth it, just shove more religion down the throats of children.

I wonder how open these lawmakers would be to these prayers being led by non-Christian students. What happens when Muslim, Jewish, or Hindu students want to pray? What about a student who practices Satanism? Something tells me that if this bill did become law it would lead to a lot of problems besides simply wasting class time.

Back in January I covered a bill that had been proposed in Mississippi that would have required public school teachers to start each day with a reading of the Ten Commandments. Thankfully, that bill did not become a law. Hopefully this one will also die when it goes to the House for a vote.

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