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Woman Uses Taser On Her Son To Get Him To Go To Church

This past Sunday was Easter, the day that Christians all over the world celebrate Jesus rising from the grave to hunt for brightly colored eggs scattered on the hills of Judea.

Or... something like that. Devout church-attending Christians look forward to Easter mass on the morning of Easter Sunday. Sharron Dobbins, a very religious mother of two living in Phoenix, AZ, was looking forward to going to church with her teenage sons. According to Dobbins' herself, she tried waking up her children by exclaiming, "Get up! It's Jesus day!"

Easter mass at their local church started at sunrise, though, and Dobbins' youngest son, 16, was not feeling up to it. He wanted to skip church.

Sharron was not having any of that. After all, her favorite Bible verse is "Honor thy mother and father." And she wanted to be honored by her sons with their presence at church!

As an aside, I find it funny; the "Honor thy mother and father" line is from the Ten Commandments, which are listed in both Exodus and Deuteronomy. But I wonder if Dobbins has ever read the following chapter of Exodus after the Ten Commandments are given. There it specifically says that "Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death." And Dobbins pointed out that in her altercation with her son that, "He said some cuss words at me."

Clearly her son should be put to death if she really believes in the truth of the Bible. Something tells me she only has strong convictions about the lines she likes and the rest of it is not as important.

Anyway back to the story, Dobbins did not stone her son to death, as the Bible demands. Instead, she grabbed a taser and tased him on the leg. Her son, in turn, called the police. Dobbins' other son, 17, and their 18 year-old cousin confirmed to police that she did tase her son's leg. Police also reported finding two marks where the taser connected with her son. Dobbins was arrested for child abuse, but not before she took the time to chastise the 911 operator for not being at church! Yikes, this lady is certifiable.

Dobbins has been released from jail, but is due back in court on April 16th. In the meantime, her son is staying with an aunt and she is not to have any contact with him before the preliminary court date.

Dobbins' children are apparently both on probation themselves and were under her watch. I cannot help but think that maybe if she tried providing them with a more reality-based understanding of responsibility, instead of the delusional wishful-thinking-fueled lunacy she finds in the Bible, that maybe this entire family would be much better off.


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