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Newt Gingrich Just Declared War On Atheists

On Saturday night, at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, FL, Newt Gingrich gave a speech to a crowd from the Ave Maria School of Law. Ave Maria is a Catholic school, in case the name was not enough to give it away.

If you are unfamiliar with Newt Gingrich, he was a career politician who served in the House of Representatives, representing Georgia, from 1979 to 1999. A Republican, he served as both the House Minority Whip and the Speaker of the House at various points during his tenure. In 2011, he unsuccessfully tried to run for president. He now spends his time as a political commentator and consultant. He has also been a very vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

So, what did ol' Newt talk about? Well, he said things like the following, quoted from this local news story: “The rise of a secular, atheist philosophy” in the West is "an equally or even more dangerous threat” to Christianity than terrorist organizations that will kill Christians if “they don’t submit.”

...Alright, so that is more than harsh. And it is also factually wrong. But, hold on to your butts, because Newtie-boy was only just getting started.

Atheists and secularists pose "an enormous danger to the country," Newt later said. "They are so fundamentally different about the very nature of life. If you believe your rights come from God, you have a very limited sense of government. And if you believe that's all baloney and your rights come from lawyers and politicians, then you have a different view."

He also went on to say, "Eventually it will be solved one way or the other. One side will win; one side will lose. Either the radical secularists will succeed in controlling government and driving religion out of American life, or the people who believe in faith will succeed in controlling government and insist that you cannot impose radical values on American people."

Whoa! There is some real finality in Newt's choice of words there. "One side will win; one side will lose." That is the language of war. It really is funny, coming from Newt Gingrich of all people. He has a really bad history of being not at all morally upright. If you are not interested in reading the linked articles I will sum it up for you: his first wife (who he was already cheating on) was diagnosed with cancer. While she was in the hospital recovering from surgery he showed up with divorce papers so he could marry his mistress (wife #2). When wife #2 was diagnosed with MS, he dumped her for another mistress who he then went on to marry (wife #3).

Despite all that infidelity and abandoning of sick wives, it is actually all OK! Because Newt only did all that because he loves America so much. And God forgives him for it all, so no worries.

Seriously, this guy thinks he can judge us non-believers? Can we also laugh for a moment at his choice of words? He said that Christians have to defeat us secularists or otherwise we will "impose radical values on American people." What can be more radical than the way he is talking? I do not know of any atheists, secularists, or humanists who have declared open war on fellow citizens.

Take solace, my fellow non-believers! Christians are shaking in their boots over the number of secularists among the younger demographics. Our numbers are growing more and more.

If this is a war, Gingrich's side is not doing so well.

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