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Man Fires Gun At Church Because He Believes It Is Really An Alien Spaceship

A church in Michigan was recently shot at because a man believed the church was actually an alien spaceship. That was a sentence I never thought I would get to type.

In Troy, MI last week, on Wednesday, January 10th, the local police were alerted to shooting-related vandalism at the Zion Church. Church administrators called the police to say that a window in a door had been broken when a single bullet was fired through it. The bullet impacted the drywall inside the church.

A second call was made to police by the shooter himself. He called police to tell them that the church was really an alien spaceship. Video surveillance showed the man driving right up to the door at around 5 a.m. and firing a gun at the church door. According to CBS News, police arrested the suspect, a local 40-year-old man, a short time afterward.

At 6 a.m. that morning people began entering the church through the same door for the church’s morning prayer. Jared Wizner, a pastor at the church, also told TV reporters that the church’s childcare facility was beginning preparations for the day.

It was all a fortunate stroke of luck that the shooter did not drive up any later in the day and fire the gun when people were congregating.

Troy Police Captain Bob Redmond told local TV news that the shooter “was talking very strangely about how the Zion Church is an alien spaceship for reptiles. That call lasted about 30 seconds and that was the end of that.”

Police Sergeant Meghan Lehman told CBS. “He did say that he thought that building was a spaceship for aliens … it appears to be more of a delusion type of issue here.”

Pastor Wizner, unsurprisingly, made it all out to be an attack on God's faithful by "the enemy," whoever the enemy is. This was despite the evidence that it was one man suffering from a delusional episode.

Wizner posted a video to Facebook several hours after this all took place (and well after police apprehended the suspect and learned he was delusional). In the video Wizner said, “The last prayer meetings we’ve had … we’ve seen such a demonstrative and dynamic move of the spirit of God that it does not surprise me one bit that the enemy would try to thwart what God was doing, and that you would see something like this — somebody firing a gun off into the church." Right, that is exactly what happened Wizner. You have done such a good job of showing off the "dynamic move of the spirit of God" that the devil convinced a random guy that your church was an alien spaceship for reptile people. Seems totally legit.

I think the guy with the gun is not the only person with wild delusions in Troy.

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