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Oklahoma Woman Found Guilty Of Murder After Killing Her Daughter With A Crucifix

A 51-year-old woman in Oklahoma has been found guilty in murdering her adult daughter in 2016. The murder was committed with a crucifix, which the perpetrator rammed down the victim's throat.

On August 27, 2016, police were performing a welfare check at a home when they discovered the body of 33-year-old Geneva Gomez. Geneva was bloody, and had a large crucifix on her chest. There was clear trauma to her face and head.

Geneva’s mother, Juanita Gomez, was arrested at the scene. Juanita admitted to punching her daughter repeatedly, and forcing a religious medallion and the crucifix down her daughter’s throat until blood came out. She told police that she did this to “rid Satan from her daughter’s body.” Juanita had very swollen hands and bruised arms from the struggle with Geneva.

Yesterday a jury in Oklahoma found Juanita Gomez guilty of first-degree murder. Prior to the trial, Juanita was determined to be competent to stand trial after a psychologist said she was only pretending to have memory problems to appear incompetent.

The jurors reportedly were shown graphic images of the victim’s body as her mother cried. The jurors recommended that Juanita Gomez be sentenced to life in prison without the parole.

I have written on more than one occasion of religious people violently abusing those they were supposed to care for, and in a couple of those cases these were parents who abused their children. This kind of horrific violence, carried out against one’s own child, and all based on ridiculous superstitious fairy tales is beyond tragic. For people in the 21st century to still be so spellbound by Iron Age myths, and to murder their own children over them, is a depressingly painful reminder of how far we still have to go. At least Juanita Gomez will be prevented from harming anyone else because of her delusional religious fantasies.

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