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KC Man Charged In Two Separate Stabbing Attacks Blames Demons

A man in Kansas City was charged with two separate incidents where he stabbed people. After he was arrested on December 21st, he told police officers that demons had urged him to carry out the attacks.

Steven J. Bowes, 22, of Kansas City, MO was arrested Thursday, December 21st, after carrying out an attack on a man in Independence, MO, and a woman in in Kansas City.

According to court documents, the attack against the man in Independence occurred at around 3am on Tuesday, December 19th. Bowes had gone over to the man’s house to watch TV. According to the victim, Bowes was “talking as if he was in a cult”. Bowes also allegedly said that he wanted to kill someone, and had already killed someone in the past, again this is according to the victim. The victim told authorities that he persuaded Bowes to stay because he was afraid that Bowes would hurt someone. The victim went to bed, but then around 3am he was going to use the bathroom when he found Bowes in the hallway. Bowes stabbed him and then fled in the victim’s pickup truck.

A day later, in Kansas City, Bowes was with a woman when he grabbed her by the hair and stabbed her in the stomach four times after a conversation about her ex-boyfriend. Bowes allegedly told authorities that he should have “finished the job” by taking her life, because then he would not be in jail.

Bowes told Kansas City police that demons told him to carry out the attacks in both cases, and that he had waited until his male victim had gone to bed because it was the “moral thing” to do. He also told them that he believed the stabbing of the woman in Kansas City was completely justified.

Bowes now faces two counts each of first-degree assault and armed criminal action. He also faces one count of stealing a motor vehicle. Time will tell if his legal counsel tries to play for an insanity plea with his admission of demonic forces being involved. The male victim's testimony of the cult-like talk would probably also help the case for an insanity plea.

However it goes down one thing is for certain: Bowes is a deeply disturbed individual. We can be happy that he was apprehended and that he will not be able to harm anyone else under the influence of “demons”. Hopefully the two victims will be able to make a full recovery.

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