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Ken Ham Wants You To Ruin Halloween For Kids And Give Him Money

Ken Ham, the creationist leader of Answers in Genesis and the Noah’s Ark-themed attraction, Ark Encounter, wants you to ruin every trick-or-treaters’ Halloween this year, and give him some money at the same time.

Ham posted on the Answers in Genesis blog on Wednesday a post that calls for people to pass out his Answers in Genesis gospel packets to trick-or-treaters. The “Halloween Learn & Share Kits” are available on the Answers in Genesis store.

Passing out gospel packets is not likely to make anyone a popular stop on Halloween, so what happens when the neighborhood kids all start ignoring the house with the loony people that just give out Christian gospel booklets? Well, don’t worry, Ken Ham suggests that you go “reverse-trick-or-treating.” What is “reverse-trick-or-treating” you might be asking? According to Ham, you should take your basket of goodies and all your gospel packets, and go knock on all the neighbors’ doors to give them some candy and the good news of Jesus Christ.

I have written about Ham and the Ark Encounter financial issues before. Once again it seems that Ham is just as interested in making a buck as he is about spreading the Good Word. The more I see of him and his tactics he comes off just as sleazy and money-grubbing as the Joel Osteens and the Jim Bakkers of the world. These people are hucksters, con-artists, or charlatans first and Christians a distant second (if they are Christian at all). I know of no atheists who have passed out copies of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion to trick-or-treaters. It really is a pretty ridiculous idea if you think about it; almost as ridiculous as any of the ideas you find in religion.

Do yourself and the kids a favor this Halloween and just stick with passing out treats.

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