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Kentucky Governor Urges Students To Bring Their Bibles To School

Matt Bevin, the governor of Kentucky, recently released a video in which he urged students to bring their Bible to school.

In the video, which was posted on Facebook Tuesday, Bevin urged students to take their Bibles to school for “Bring Your Bible to School Day” which was Thursday this week, apparently. Thankfully they did not have that day on the calendar when I was in school.

“This is absolutely your right to do this, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise,” Bevin said in the video. Because Christianity is under so much persecution that there are people out there telling children not to take their Bibles to school. Ugh…

Bevin went on to encourage children to bring up their Bible in conversation, and talked about what he sees is the major issue dividing people today. He said, “You look at all the division, all the vitriol and all the animosity that’s striking us in this nation, how fragmented people are. If we followed biblical principles like treating others as you would want to be treated, loving your neighbor like yourself, simple stuff. This is the kind of thing we should celebrate.”

Uh, Matt, what about all the "biblical principles" around killing people for a variety of imagined crimes, like moving furniture on the Sabbath? Do you really want to live by biblical principles? Do you ever wear mixed fabrics?

I have written about Bevin before, when he came up with the ridiculous idea to send roaming prayer groups into crime-riddled areas to pray away violence; because the problems causing crime to increase in Louisville all stem from people not praying enough. He also declared 2017 to be “The Year of the Bible” even though he had already declared 2016 “The Year of the Bible.” No word yet on whether next year will be another “Year of the Bible”.

Bevin is a religious demagogue who clearly does not care about the separation of church and state. Having a person like him in the role of governor does a disservice to the people of Kentucky. They need a leader who will work to be inclusive of all citizens, not just Christians, and who will seek real solutions to problems, not coming up with crackpot “volunteer prayer group” ideas for violence prevention. Hopefully in 2019, when the next gubernatorial election in Kentucky happens, the people of Kentucky will choose a less fanatical religious leader.

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