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Couple Kicks Out Their 7-Year-Old Son For Being Possessed By Demons

A couple in East Texas have been charged with child endangerment after police learned that they kicked their 7-year-old son out of their home. They claim they did so because he is “possessed by demons”.

Rendy Jo Wright and Ronald "Keith" Wright are accused of locking their son out of their house last month and telling him to never return. The couple, who live in Hooks, Texas, were arrested last week and have been released after each posting a $35,000 bond.

Local deputies arrived at the Wright’s home on August 26th after a neighbor called to alert them the boy had been locked out of the house by his mother. The neighbor went on to explain that he drove the boy to his house, where he found Ronald Wright mowing the lawn. The neighbor saw that the Wrights were home, so he let the boy out of his car and drove home.

But the boy again returned to the neighbor’s home several minutes later saying that his parents had told him, “to go away and never return home again.”

When the police arrived, Ronald Wright told them that he was tired of his son not doing what he was told. Uhhh… what parent of a 7-year-old isn’t tired of their child not doing what they are told?

The Wrights went on to explain that they had discussed their son with a preacher, and the preacher suggested the boy was possessed by demons.

Incidentally, the couple were also asked by deputies whether they used methamphetamine. The couple said that it was “more of a hobby” than an addiction. Sheesh…

If the couple is convicted, they face two to ten years in prison.

Religious parents doing real harm to children is something we see a lot of, unfortunately. Seriously. Hopefully the young boy is in a more welcoming home now, and free from indoctrination into ridiculous beliefs in demons and the like.

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