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Kentucky Gov. Plans To Send Prayer Groups Into Violent Neighborhoods To Pray Away Murder

You cannot make this stuff up, ladies and gentlemen. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, who is a Republican (shocking!), was addressing a meeting on Thursday when he revealed his plan for dealing with growing violence in Louisville, KY.

Addressing the crowd gathered at Western Middle School, Gov. Bevin announced that his solution was roaming prayer groups, comprised of volunteers, walking through the West End where violence has been escalating over the last few years. Questioned later, he did say that this was a problem that would need multiple solutions, but it’s worth noting that these roaming prayer groups are the only “solution” he was able to offer when speaking Thursday.

His plan is that groups of three to ten volunteers would walk an assigned area two to seven times a week and pray for residents. He expects these groups will pray the violence away. Seriously. That’s his plan.

While there were some people cheering Bevin’s plan, there were many in attendance who shouted criticism. And there were lots of people who left the meeting without getting a chance to address the governor with their concerns. The pastor of the Highlands Baptist Church called the meeting, “a waste of time” and said he was “embarrassed for Christianity.” He should have been embarrassed already, but that’s beside the point.

So instead of attempting to reform policing strategy, or developing community programs, or implementing any of the tactics that the National Institute of Justice, for example, has found to be effective, Bevin just wants to send volunteers into the neighborhoods where people are killing each other and pray? I hope these volunteers are going to be getting a bulletproof vest along with their rosary beads, because bringing prayers to a gunfight usually ends poorly for the person doing the praying.

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