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Nun Arrested For Helping Priests Rape Dozens Of Deaf Children

A Roman Catholic nun from Japan, who had been working at a school for youths with hearing disabilities in Argentina, was arrested on Friday and charged with suspicion of helping priests sexually abuse children at the school. She was also charged with physically abusing the students.

The nun, Kosaka Kumiko, 42, was charged with helping two priests rape students in the school’s bathrooms, dormitories, garden, and basement. The school, the Provolo Institute, is located in Lujan de Cuyo, a city about 620 miles northwest of Buenos Aires. Kumiko had been hiding from law enforcement for about a month when she finally turned herself in to authorities in Buenos Aires.

Kumiko was arrested after a 17-year-old former student accused her of making her wear a diaper to hide a hemorrhage after being raped. The girl was 5 years old at the time. Other students came forward and accused Kumiko of actively aiding the priests’ abuse from 2004 to 2012.

Two dozen students have accused the two priests, Nicola Corradi and Horacio Corbacho, and three other men who also worked at the school of rape and sexual abuse. The priests and the other three employees have been in custody since last year. When they were arrested police discovered a large amount of pornographic magazines, and, in one of the priest’s rooms, around $34,000 in cash.

The children have stated that the two priests would rape them next to an image of the Virgin Mary, and that they would use language like, “Let’s go play.” One of the victims told police that she witnessed a girl being raped by one priest, while being forced by the other priest to give him oral sex.

One of the two priests, Nicola Corradi, had already been accused of abusing students at the Provolo Institute location in Verona, Italy. At the Italian Provolo Institute, it is believed that hundreds of students have been sexually abused over the years by two dozen priests and other clergymen. The fact that yet another member of the clergy has been able to relocate and victimize another community of children under the protection of the church has outraged advocates who fight against the Vatican’s continued shielding of sexual predators.

Given that in just the last several weeks alone I have already had opportunity to write more than one post about priests committing rape and the Catholic church protecting them, this is another tragic reminder of how common a problem this is within the church. In the last two decades, as many more stories of this nature have come to light, an increasing number of people are no longer willing to let the church get away with these horrible crimes. We as a society must continue to push for the Vatican to be held accountable, and must protect children from the horrific abuses that the church is capable of committing.

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