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This WikiHow Guide for Converting Atheists to Christianity is Hilarious

Several of my recent posts have been of a more depressing nature, due to the tragedy that religion so often inflicts on people. So I thought it best to share something more light-hearted today, given that it is Friday, after all. Plus, it is St. Patrick's Day, so why not grab a pint and have a laugh? Here we go...

There is a Christian guide to converting atheists into Christians on WikiHow, and it is as hilarious as it is inept. It is also a bit revealing in terms of the mindset of some Christian evangelists. Check out some of these brilliant excerpts:

“Many atheists may not consider their personal dis-belief system to be a negotiable part of who they are. They are more concerned with their behavior, with being a reasonable person, than what ‘faith’ or system of belief that action stems from.”

Atheists are so concerned with being “reasonable” people and using that to base their behavior on, that they may need more than just “faith” to go on. Good point!

Don't try to debate the specifics of the Bible. A discussion between a believer and a non-believer doesn't need to be a debate about science, or creationism, or an intricate dissection of the creation of the world as discussed in Genesis. Discuss faith in terms of your church, writings of early church and personal experience of it. What does it mean to you, to be a Christian? That's got nothing to do with dinosaur bones and the age of the Earth. Avoid these subjects.”

Yes, Christians, make sure you avoid specifics in the Bible, since every time the Bible tries to be specific about the nature of our world, or the universe in general, it is completely wrong. It thus demonstrates the fact that no god played a role in the writing of said Bible. So just avoid the topic completely! And let us not forget the myriad examples of God also being completely wrong about moral issues, too (like when God endorses slavery, for example).

“An atheist may want to hear definitive evidence, not a discussion of your life in Christ, but a discussion of Christianity isn't a debate between ‘science’, ‘intelligent design’ and ‘creationism.’ Treating this like a debate of science will get you nowhere with a nonbeliever. All you can do is represent Jesus Christ as the one you follow.”

Yes, because those crazy atheists are so concerned with “evidence”. I mean, really, what kind of a weirdo wants empirical evidence for the things they are asked to base their entire life on?

While I did find the whole article to be quite funny, I do have a hard time understanding these people. When you are so plainly admitting that you cannot win an argument with someone over several facets of your own holy book, how does your head not explode from all the cognitive dissonance? Seriously.

All that being said, if you do wish to engage in debates with your Christian friends, you can check out my series on refuting arguments for the existence of God. I will have future series on other aspects of countering apologetic religious arguments.

If you would like a more extended, in-depth resource then you can check out The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, a collection of several criticisms aimed at Christianity, and it also contains a lot of great background information on science, psychology, history, and religion, in general. Several experts in a variety of fields contributed to that book and it is definitely worth a read. Stay tuned for a future series of posts reviewing that and several other books that are worth a look. Until then, watch out for those sneaky Christian evangelists!

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