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A Third of Americans Believe You Must Be Christian to Really Be an American

According to the results of a Pew Research Center poll that were released last week, 32% of Americans believe that you must be a Christian in order to truly be an American. This contrasts with only 13% of Australians, 15% of Canadians, and 15% of Europeans who responded the same for citizens of their own countries.

This again highlights one of the problems with Christians in America who believe that the United States is a "Christian nation". They choose to completely ignore the history of the country's founding and the freedoms given by the founding fathers. They ignore things like Thomas Jefferson defending the rights of Muslims. Historical facts like that do not play well into the Christian version of America's history.

Christians have always been a group that have invented tales of persecution that they have never really endured. When Constantine became emperor of Rome, Christians soon gained control of all written documents. The Christian clerics and monks began inventing tales of persecution as a way to create propaganda arguing against what they deemed heretical.

Modern Christians now use fabricated, propagandistic examples of persecution in their ongoing story of a "War on Christianity". It is a tactic that Christian leaders use to avoid compromising. It allows them to use the claim that they cannot compromise with anyone who is persecuting them to push for whatever they want and to get it exactly how they want it. If you disagree, not only are you persecuting them, but you are also not a real American.

What a terrible mix of willful ignorance and self-deluded madness...

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