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Over a Dozen Jewish Community Centers Receive Bomb Threats in One Day

You can read an update to this story here.

This Monday, more than 15 Jewish community centers across several states received bomb threats. Police sweeps of the threatened locations found no evidence of explosives or other threats after the locations were evacuated. The locations all resumed normal operation shortly after the police sweeps were completed.

16 centers in nine states received threats, and all were cleared by local police. The FBI has opened an investigation into the anonymous threats. The centers are located in states that span from New Jersey down to Florida.

On the same day, Jewish schools in the United Kingdom also received anonymous threats, although it seems the authorities have found no connection yet between the threats in the US and the ones made in the UK.

There has been a rash of several instances of anti-Semitic graffiti reported in the United States following the election of Donald Trump. One has to wonder whether this will only continue to get worse when he is sworn in to office later this month.

Secularists should be leading the charge to denounce such violence and threats. While we may oppose religious dogma, we should view education and enlightenment as the means to fight religion. Religion is a problem, but we still need to value human life.

Violence will do nothing but breed more violence and despair. Donald Trump ran his campaign on feeding the fires of populism and misguided anger targeted at minorities. This is exactly the kind of result such dangerous rhetoric can create.

Secularists need to be a voice for reason and compassion. It is the only way to survive going forward. Tribalistic attacks on "the other", anyone who is not exactly like us, will only further hold us back from realizing our potential as a species and avoiding extinction.

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