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American Hotels are Ditching Bibles

What are things you find in nearly every American hotel room? A TV, an alarm clock, a phone, and… a Bible. Well, maybe not. Marriott International, the world’s largest hotel company, has two new hotel brands aimed at younger people called Moxy and Edition. Moxy and Edition hotel rooms will not be stocked with Bibles, according to Marriott spokeswoman Felicia Farrar McLemore.

Hotels are under increasing pressure to compete with services like Airbnb. They also need to appeal to younger travelers, and millennials as a demographic are far less religious than the previous generation. There is also the issue of wanting to avoid offending travelers of other faiths, like Muslims or Buddhists, for example.

A recent survey conducted by hotel research firm STR found that only 46% of the American hotels polled placed religious materials, such as a Bible, in their rooms. A decade ago, the number was twice that.

While it may seem like an issue of small consequence, the road towards progress is a long one, with large victories and small ones. Abandoning a culture of passive proselytizing through hotel-supplied Bibles is another small victory towards the cultural irrelevance of religion.

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