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The Christian Right and Their Love of Donald Trump

The American Christian Right are in no small way responsible for the success of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Exit polls showed that Donald Trump won 58% of Protestant votes, 52% of Catholic votes, and 81% of Evangelical votes.

On top of that, the more frequent a churchgoer was, the more likely they were to vote for Trump. This despite the fact, that Donald Trump himself admitted that he has never sought forgiveness for his sins.

So why would “morally-upright” Christians vote for someone who has sexually assaulted women, mocked disabled individuals, and has in general acted like an intolerant bully? Well, Donald Trump simply promised them that he would protect religious freedom, appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court, and of course had by his side the vocally religious Mike Pence.

The Christian Right, constantly feeling as if their way of life has been threatened in modern America, rallied around Donald Trump. They overlooked his extremely immoral behavior because they were more concerned with their government being bound by Christian values. They want Roe v. Wade overturned, they want Planned Parenthood defunded and shut down, they are against gay marriage, and despite all his flaws, they saw the opportunity for Trump and Pence to deliver on all these things that they wanted.

That is a perfect storm of confirmation bias and cherry-picking, two of the very flawed ways humans in general tend to process the world around them, form beliefs, and make decisions.

And now of course, after the election, we are learning just how unprepared Trump is, to the point of not even understanding the scope of responsibilities he has for gathering together a new cabinet.

The next four years are going to be very challenging indeed. What can we do? Each and every one of us needs to be a trumpet for reason and logic. Whether you are conservative or liberal, we should advocate for science and humanitarianism. We need to heal the deep divisions that are revealing themselves in our society. We need to progress together. Fighting each other is no way to move forward, not in today's world.

Lastly, please consider donating to some of the organizations that support initiatives the Donald Trump presidency could threaten:

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