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Nun Prays to God Right After God Tries to Drop a Building on Her

On Sunday morning, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit central Italy. It was the strongest earthquake Italy has felt in more than 30 years.

This story records an interview with Sister Caterina, a nun who was praying with eight other nuns from her order when the earthquake struck. The earthquake destroyed the basilica that was home to the nuns’ order.

Reading this interview gives another glimpse into the illogical reasoning that goes hand in hand with religion. Sister Caterina is quoted as saying that after the initial shock of the earthquake, the nuns resumed praying hoping that God might “at least save some lives.”

Is that the same God who had just destroyed his own church with the earthquake? Is that the same God who allowed 300 people to die in the earthquake that rocked Italy this past August? Did no one pray during that earthquake? What about the 21,000 people who die every day from hunger? Most of them are children and God apparently does not want to save them? Why would he suddenly care to save people from this earthquake?

Additionally, if everything happens according to God’s plan, then you are pretty arrogant, Sister Caterina. You are assuming that you know better than God. He is omnipotent and omniscient. Everything happens according to his plan. How dare you tell him how to run his universe!

Once again, Christian logic at work…

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