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The Vatican Has Banned Catholics from Spreading the Ashes of the Deceased

As reported here, and elsewhere, the Vatican has ruled that Catholics cannot keep the ashes of the deceased in their home or spread the ashes. They must be stored in a sacred place, like a cemetery. Burying the dead is still the Catholic Church's preferred method of dealing with the dead. But if you HAVE to be cremated, just make sure your family stores your ashes in your local cemetery, instead of on the mantle or shooting them into space.

Now that the Vatican has settled the extremely important issue of what to do with my Aunt Myrtle's ashes, it sure would be nice if they could work on addressing the sexual abuse of children committed by the various members of their priesthood. Or how about all those missionaries proselytizing to poor, under-developed communities, the same missionaries who keep birth control out of the hands of those who desperately need it?

Could we maybe show a little more concern over the problems affecting the living than the problems affecting the deceased? Just a thought...

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