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There is Now a Giant Comic Book Version of the Bible

As reported in The Guardian, Kingstone, a U.S.-based Christian publisher, has created a giant graphic novel adaptation of the Bible. 10,000 panels fill over 2,000 pages in what the publisher is claiming is the longest graphic novel ever produced.

This graphic novel adaptation is aimed at preteens and young adults. Religion has always relied on childhood indoctrination to survive, that's not new. And blatant attempts to appeal to the younger generation are likewise not new either. The number of people identifying as religiously unaffiliated has grown rapidly in the last several years in the U.S. and the share of atheists within that group has almost doubled in size. As Christian numbers continue to decline I'm sure we will continue to see them come up with plenty of creative ideas to market to today's youth.

One of the things that struck me in the article was where Art Ayris, the founder of Kingstone, was quoted as saying that the 66 books of the Bible tell “one unified story”.

Really? As someone who has read the Bible, I can tell you that one of the things that stood out to me was how so much of it was NOT unified. Those 66 books were written by dozens of authors over several centuries, and then they were edited and rewritten by later scribes. This process has left the bible riddled with thousands upon thousands of contradictions (Check out this website for a great interactive visualization of them).

I have often spoken with Christians who clearly have not read the Bible and just believe what their pastor tells them when it comes to what is written in the book. But for the work that Ayris has done on this graphic novel, I would hope that he has read the book. And after he read it he still calls it “one unified story”? The article provides that quote without context so perhaps he was speaking in a very broad sense. Maybe he meant that it just tells the story of God and humanity in general. But even if that is true, then he is still ignoring a lot of problems that these contradictions create for that statement to hold up.

Once again, faith cripples rational thought and critical evaluation.

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