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Why the Atheist Depot?


There is a lot of evidence that the number of people leaving religion behind is growing, but we are also seeing many attempts by religious conservatives around the world who are trying to establish theocratic rule. They want to sway governmental, educational, and social policies based on religious belief. This is offensive and must be resisted.

The Atheist Depot strives to be a place where people of all ideologies can learn more about secular thinking. Here you will find blog posts discussing topics about religion and atheism, memes regarding atheism, and learn more about the advancement of reason over faith.

The Atheist Depot is primarily run and driven by the efforts of Patrick Cullen. Patrick Cullen has been an atheist for more than 20 years and has spent a significant amount of time studying subjects in the fields of science, history, religion, and philosophy.

If you have opportunities for a presentation or debate on atheism or religion and are interested in the Atheist Depot's Patrick Cullen for your event, then please reach out to Mr. Cullen at admin@theatheistdepot.com.

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